Dilly Dolls Shrew Boots – New Post @ Virtual Shoes

Hey everyone, just letting you all know I’ve started blogging over here at Virtual Shoes, where I aim to both catalogue every pair of shoes I own in SL, but to show you the sheer mass of talented designers in SL, shodding your dainty feet with aesthetic delights!

We all know the high rollers in the footwear world in Second Life, but did you know there’s a lot of less known designers at the cusp of extreme popularity?

I’m going to blog some of these designers to start with – much as I adore the popular brands, I think these fledgling shoe designers need the exposure more!

I start with Dilly Dolls, by Oriana Kuhr. Known for her gothic lolita and doll wear, her love of frills and ribbons and everything lolita passes on into her footwear, and a large portion of her footwear creations is very versatile for wearing with other fashion types – not just lolita or doll.

These Shrew Boots are one of my favourite pairs of boots from Dilly Dolls, the sculpt work is really well done, and I love that they’re texture change – so you only need one pair taking up space in your inventory!

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