Horrorfest – It Delights!

Here’s a picking of some of the amazing things you can get from the wonder that is Horrorfest! Such a large selection of amazing designers, not to mention the beautiful sim! All can be found here – I’m not giving direct LM’s, cause you should just wander around and explore!

These necklaces are by the very talented Ephedra Loon, of Dragon Charm Designs. The bat necklace is a donation item, 100% of the proceeds go to the Horrorfest charity – The Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

The shape of the chains on the necklaces are brilliant, I only had to adjust for my height (or lack thereof).



And check out the dresses at Moonshine! Shelly Toonie has my heart for these! There are two skirt options, and I am in total lust with the poofier one! The skin I’m wearing is also available at Horrorfest and is by Mango Mango – you should totally go check this event out!


One comment

  1. Sileny · October 18, 2010

    Love, love love!

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