Dancing the night away~

I am *so* behind on my ‘to blog’ list it’s rather shameful. I’m of the idea at the moment that I should be honest, and stop being so condescending when I blog. Fact is, nothing is perfect. I’m not about to lie to people and say that things are. Honesty rules folks. However, I’m starting on the pile of sexy awesome wonderful things, and starting with this absolutely lovely top from Haven Designs. What’s amazing about Haven, is that although it caters primarily to the Gorean scene, Delora makes a wide range of stylish clothes for us fashion obsessed folk, with just as much care and attention to detail as is put into the silks and camisks.

Michelle is a wonderfully modern silk shirt, with elegant puffy sleeves, and wonderful scatterings of golden embellishments on the front and back.

The front embellishments are stunning, the little V-shaped  keyhole at the top, and I love the whole glitter explosion going on, especially over the blush silk. Very yummy!

The back itself is rather sexy, low cut, but done in such a way that to me, it seems very glamorous, as opposed to the overly slutty way it is often done, in SL. Again there is a keyhole, I have The Helendale bodysuit by Pig underneath, so it looks like a lace panel.

The texturing as with all Haven work, is second to none, it is deliciously hand-drawn/shaded, and there are no seams to speak of.

My single issue with this top, would be the puffed sleeve prims. I found it hard to resize them, and had to take a fair chunk of time getting them just right to fit my arms. That is probably just me however, I do tend to be a bit slow with resizing prims for clothing.

I’m in lust with this Lelutka skin from FLF. It really suits my new shape I think, I loooove the lips.. I’m also wearing a tattoo. Shock Horror! I know! I actually really like this tattoo. It was from a hunt recently, though I can’t remember the name of it for the life of me. It is full body, all runic. Very awesome. I’m never taking it off.

Outfit Credits

Hair: Cassie (Cynical Black) – Fri.day
Tattoo: CL Mall Hunt Gift – Endless Pain
Eyes: Silent Eyes (Garden) – Negaposi
Skin: Light Friday (D_Brows) – Lelutka
Top: Michelle – Haven Designs
Trousers: Trousers (Black)- Fri.day
Shoes: Pow Pumps (Black) – Lelutka
Nails: Nail- Black – J’s

Poses: PDA, Pffiou!