BBBC #5 – Freedom

I have been listening to the same song for a while lately. It echoes a lot of feelings I’ve been having lately – namely that I’m not half as crazy as my Mum thinks I am, and more crazy than *I* think I am. It’s relative I guess.

I’ve started to get back into creating lately. It’s slow, but getting there. It’s a lot of work really, I’m trying to use the textures I made throughout my 16 months in SL. I love making textures, though I feel like I can’t use them to open a store, because a friend of mine has a texture store, and she is so much better at them than me. I mean, even I’m a fangirl.

I already have some of my textures ready for my store, when I’m ready to start it up. I’m completely broke inSL and RL, so now is the time to get the creative juices going and get on with making things. Jacq has been dropping less than subtle hints that I should start building again, and I love her for it, cause it has pushed me (in the oh so good way) to make the effort.

The thing is, I know stores who don’t make any effort to make their own textures, or sculpts. They use prebought everything. Not that it’s a bad thing,but how original is it, to make up the stuff from the kit, right out of the box? Where is the creativity in doing the jigsaw like the picture on the box?

I prefer to mix and match any sculpt kits I buy. I want to make things that are well made, low prim and original, with sexy awesome textures, and sell at the cheaper end of the market.

I’m open to ideas of what SLers want in a furniture/clothing store -what haven’t you seen in SL, that you really would love to have?


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