100L Sale @ Glitterati

Glitterati Sale Jun-July 2010

It’s that time again, time to gather your purses and trot down to Glitterati for the sale! Discounts apply to everything in the store (Except the new stuff, which is from Pose Fair 2010 onwards) – so it’s a fantastic chance to fill up on some of the best poses on the grid! The sale runs from The 15th of June until the 15th of July, with gives you a month to stock up, before Glitterati closes for a redesign and a new look!

This is also the last chance to use any leftover giftcards, as they will be discontinued after the sale. This is the perfect chance to use them against the sale items!

The sale  also applies to some of the other vendors on the Glitterati sim, keep your eyes peeled for disco balls outside their stores!

I absolutely love this Headshot set. Not just cause the name reminds me of my days fragging in Team Fortress 2, but because poses that focuse on the face are few and far between.

From L to R, the headshots are in numerical order (1 -10)

There are also awesome freebies like this fence, which has 9 awesome poses in it. This pose is my favourite, it looks like I’m waiting for someone, or something. It’s very demure, as are all the poses on the fence.

Adorable Cyclic not included, sorry! 😀

I also liked this Social Climber set, it includes multiple poses, so you and the whole freakin’ family can jump on and reach for the top! Again, some awesomely cute poses. I love how casual and natural the poses at Glitterati are.

Y'know, just chillin'. 'Sup?

And lastly, the outfit! I love when I sort inventory and find freakin’ adorable dresses like this Scruffy Gora dress. I don’t even know when I got it, and the store is now gone, though the owner still sells her stuff through XStreet. Her lolita style dresses are really cute, and only 50L, which is a bargain. Her outfits are complete with socks and stuff too, so it is easy to match up some shoes and whatever.

The shoes are In Her Shoes, a well loved shoe freebie store – and they update regularly. I remembered I had these, I think they complement the dress and socks perfectly!

Skin is of course, Mango Mango. Hair is I love Olive.  Do you think I have favourite brands? xD

Hair: Isa (Jet Black) by I Love Olive
Eyes: Diseased Eyes (High Purple) by Edge Grafica (Freebie on XStreet)
Skin: Dinner Date (Pale Freckles) by Mango Mango
Dress and Socks: Rave Lolita by Scruffy Gora (This outfit is no longer available)
Shoes: Circus Lolita (Red) by In Her Shoes
All Poses: Headshots, Fence, Social Climber all at Glitterati


One comment

  1. Pandora Aurotharius · June 16, 2010

    I love the fence pose, so adorable! And the face specific poses, I have been dying to get my hands on some of those! I can’t wait to check it out when I log in tomorrow, thanks for the heads up!

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