Tiger Tiger

I know that I’m wearing leopard, the words for the title just popped into my head, as most things often do. I’ve been experimenting with shapes lately – and I’ve sort of settled now, though I do often go back to my shorty Dismorph bought shape when I want to be all short and stuff. My av is currently at my RL height, which is 6ft 3, and I’m liking it. This is unusual, only in that normally, I’m super self conscious about height in SL, and RL.

I think it’s rather odd sometimes, that our socially instilled perceptions of physical beauty still hang about in SL, in a world where you can look like whatever you want to, that we still end casting those same aspersions on those outside our comfort zone.

I feel like I should apologise in advance for the quality or lack thereof, of the pictures – until I get my desktop, I’m on a laptop without proper graphics and such, so I’ve done my best with what I have – I hope you still see the awesome items!

Anyway, onto the outfit. It’s nothing special really, just the kind of look I’m really into at the moment, and I built it around these absolutely gorgeous boots from Kookie.

Tiger Tiger - Kookie Closeup

I really love Whippet & Buck, and even just parts of their items work really well in layering, especially the top part of this drop waisted maxi dress.  Add a pair of the amazingly sexy high waisted Jane Jeans from Ingenue and already you’ve got yourself a sexy outfit. To pull it together, I added the svelte AOHARU leopard print fur jacket, another of my favourite items in my ever expanding inventory.

Tiger Tiger - Top Shot

I added a bag, something which I wouldn’t usually do, but I thought that the whole outfit needed something a little extra, so I picked out the beautifully textured Takeout Bag by HOC. HOC are renowned for fabulous quality at cheap prices, and I can’t recommend them more.

Tiger Tiger - HOC Closeup

The hair, a fairly recent Epoque creation is absolutely gorgeous, I love the plaiting that circles the head, and the fringe is just yummy!

Tiger Tiger


Shape – Own
Skin – Tres Blah – Arctic Cold (Brown Brows)
Eyes – Tres Blah – Arctic Eyes
Hair – Epoque – Heirarchy – Dips
Top – Whippet & Buck (Part of the Lismore Drop-waisted Maxi)
Trousers – Ingenue – Jane Jean – Black
Boots – Kookie – Armarda Boots in Dark Choc
Jacket – AOHARU – BT Fur Coat B2 Leopard
Bag – HOC – Takeout Bag – Black
Pose – LAP – KB – Prissy


Lets Talk About – Entitlement.

Things you are entitled to in SL:


Things you are NOT entitled to in SL:

Your account.
To buy things.
To sell things.
To force people to change their opinion.
To recieve free shit if you’re a blogger.
To manners.
To politeness.
To friends.
To lovers.
To your inventory.

The list goes on, and on and on. And on.

Feel free to comment with other things you’re not entitled to in SL. Or anywhere!